April 2018

There’s nothing worse than when dirty water pools around your feet, as you try to wash your body clean in the shower. It could be because of all the hair that’s accumulated over the past month or maybe even the dead skin that’s just piled on in your drain. Whatever it is, it’s gross and unhygienic. Fortunately, there are solutions to such bathroom filth. There are many ways you can make your own shower drain cleaners DIY style, but after reading some drain cleaner reviews online, it might be better to go with a product that’s been tried and tested by other consumers. Here are the 5 best drain cleaners to unclog your shower and keep it clean.

The 5 Best Drain Cleaners to Unclog Your Shower

1. Vastar Drain Snake

This product is not something you can pour down a drain; it’s a long piece of barbed plastic that is flexible enough for you to slide down your drain. It bends and contours to the shape of your drain, and as you push it down, it collects any clustered hair, trash, or even food that’s been stuck down your drain. If you’d prefer to use a non-chemical solution, this drain snake will be the best option for you.

The 5 Best Drain Cleaners to Unclog Your Shower

2. Liquid-Plumr Pro-Strength Pure Clog Destroyer Plus Pipe Guard

Out of all the Liquid-Plumr products, this one might be the best. This professional-grade cleaner will get rid of even the thickest blockage. It boasts of a triple action solution: unblock clogs, protect pipes, and keep pipes clog free. It can even give you the added bonus of fighting clog odors. It’s also fairly fast acting. It can unclog a fully blocked drain within 15 minutes.

The 5 Best Drain Cleaners to Unclog Your Shower

4. Drano Max Gel

Drano is one of the more popular brands among drain cleaners. This particular gel formula is thicker than the average drain cleaning liquid. It sticks and works to dissolve clogs fast. Even though you’re supposed to drain with the water running, this gel won’t damage your pipes if you left it overnight. It actually contains an ingredient that will work to protect your pipes against any more gunk buildup.

The 5 Best Drain Cleaners to Unclog Your Shower

5. Green Gobbler Dissolve

The name itself suggests what this drain cleaner can do. It can virtually dissolve anything that might have gone down your shower drain accidentally. While the company advertises this product to be safe for any type of drains, the Green Gobbler can dissolve the usual hair, soap scum, and more. It can dissolve even the toughest grease, fats and sludge, toilet paper, and even q-tips. It clings to pipe walls to make sure no other materials are hanging around there.

The 5 Best Drain Cleaners to Unclog Your Shower

6. Xion Lab Fast Acting Drain Opener

This product is odorless. It’s also non-toxic. It’s as safe as any drain cleaner could ever get, and it’s completely biodegradable. It’s proven to be highly effective against getting rid of built up hair and grease because it comes in industrial strength. This formula boasts a pH of 13, so you know that it’s a strong acid. But even though it’s strong, you’ll feel safe knowing that its ingredients are completely eco-friendly.